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Cellular Redox Profiling Using High-content Microscopy

Cellular Redox Profiling Using High-content Microscopy

Article DOI: 10.3791/55449-v 11:37 min May 14th, 2017
May 14th, 2017



This paper presents a high-content microscopy workflow for simultaneous quantification of intracellular ROS levels, as well as mitochondrial membrane potential and morphology – jointly referred to as mitochondrial morphofunction – in living adherent cells using the cell-permeant fluorescent reporter molecules 5-(and-6)-chloromethyl-2',7'-dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate, acetyl ester (CM-H2DCFDA) and tetramethylrhodamine methylester (TMRM).


High-content Microscopy Cellular Redox Profiling Mitochondrial Morphofunction Reactive Oxygen Species Redox Fingerprint Experimental Perturbations Oxidative Stress Mitochondrial Form And Function Black 96 Well Plate Human Dermal Fibroblasts Polystyrene Or Glass Bottom Seeding Locations Plate Effects Focus Adjustment Medium Gradients Cell Culture Treatment Information Microscope Calibration
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